TMS is an experimental noise project by the artists Malte Steiner (DE/DK) and Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (DK). The format is improvisational sound pieces and concerts built out of Steiner and Madsen's sonic interactions, where noise-scapes and complex structures emerge from intense layering of various in- and outputs. The physical interaction with materials has an additional focus and thus to create a more performative and visual sound experience. TMS use primarily various pedals, self-built controllers and Pure Data to create their sounds. Each chosen element is very important for the whole, where the combination of these play a vital role in the compositions. The inputs can be analogue as well as digital; modulated, transformed and distorted.

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Auto-dada, Cities and Memory Dada anniversary

noisePosted by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen Thu, June 09, 2016 23:33:55
TMS created the sound piece auto-dada for the Cities and Memory Dada anniversary, released on February 5. 2016. The piece applied Dada techniques on a field recording created in Seydisfjordur, Iceland in 2015:

"The remade piece auto-dada is created as an automated system that randomly applies cut up technique and montage to the original field recording. The piece is based on a randomness principle and thus avoids the control of its author, but succumbs to a purely automated process of chance. The system is created in Pure Data, which executes the applied methods on the original sound file."

Link to sound clip: