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This blog is an ongoing update on the activities of the Body Interfaces artistic research project.
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Body Interfaces concept and method

"The body as interface" is an artistic concept and research that comes out of a long research in body-based performance practices, site specific art and technology. The project has a very expansive interpretation and definition of the terminology of "interface" and aims to take the combination of body - interface to a wider understanding, as a relational space between two entities, concerning the aspects of bringing together two parts, as well as separating them, being a threshold condition for the two.

The research combines working with the body and (as) materiality in the tradition of site specific performance art combined with a newer understanding of the body that we have derived through our use of technology and its terminology. The project will benefit from the methodology of technology and not use technology as such; it will research in the physical sensations and meeting points that the body has with the surroundings, inspired by tools required from studying the body in technology with the concept of the interface as a main focus point. The interventions deals with the body as interface for experience, communication in relation to other materialities and the environment that surrounds and interact with these. The interface is here read as a transmitting entity and agency between the body and the surrounding surfaces; translating signals through interaction in and with the environment.

Workshop at Electropixel #6, Nantes (FR)

performance art, researchPosted by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen Wed, August 17, 2016 19:39:18

The workshop will take place on August 20. 2016 at 14h at Les Nefs, Ils de Nantes. (site.hacking)
is a workshop that centers around the possibilities of analyzing and recapturing urban space through performance practices and thus hacking its functions through the use of the body and its relation to site and environment. The workshop will explore territories, observe and intervene!

Using the method of Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen's Body Interfaces research, the body will be used as a data-gathering tool to explore places and interact with these. It introduces spatial theory and tactical intervention practices, where the body will be the technological tool to use as a critical instrument. In the area where the workshop will take place initial hierarchies and power structures will be deconstructed through engaging with a selected site, data-mining with and through the body as a catalyst.

The workshop will be in three parts:

1. Introduction to the method and to critical spatial practices.
2. Observation and registration – uncovering how the site is used, what is its characteristics and how is it systematized.
3. Intervention – how can we as performers hack into the use and the structure of space and create critical situations and potentially disrupt the use and the thought of space and place.

The workshop will be held in English.
Duration 3 hours on a selected location in Nantes: Les Nefs.

Photo: Xoel Friere, Body Interfaces performance at Electropixel 2015